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Slap Koozies

Customize Your Own Slap Wrap SlapKoolers

The SlapKooler is a slap wrap & go beverage insulator that you can ‘slap’ on your can, bottle, arm, leg, friends, or people you’ve just met. Much like the iconic slap wrap bracelet of the ’80’s and 90’s, this cultural phenomena has made it’s comeback in it’s newest form.
We offer the most affordable customized slap wraps on the market. We even offer a price match guarantee on any purchase from!

SlapKoolers = High impact marketing of your business

Made specifically for HIGH-VISIBILITY marketing of your business or brand, the customizable SlapKooler gives your logo excellent ‘eyeball time’ when worn on the wrists and beverages of your customers. Your slap koolers will become the ultimate conversation piece as your brand is enthusiastically worn by your customer! What you’ll get is high impact/high visibility marketing for a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing or even paid online advertising.
Your purchase of custom SlapKoolers comes with a unflinching focus on customer satisfaction. We’ll work with your existing art to create a truly unforgettable promotional product and generally make purchasing and customizing SlapKoolers an easy experience. Use our bulk store to chose your options and then simply checkout, leave it to us to handle the rest!

These slap wrap & go can coolers will fit any normal sized can or bottle, and will retain it’s shape around the object it is placed on. Two metal recoiling strips run lengthwise layered inside the 1/4″ Ensolite foam insulation, wrapping around your beverage just as it’s appeal wraps itself around your heart. Durable no-slip backing keeps your beverage in place and your hands warm.

In the world of beverage insulators, SlapKoolers are simply the best!

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